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Client Care
Things to Remember! 
  • Consult with an Attorney
  • Be on time for your scheduled appointment
  • An appointment can be rescheduled only to the Attorney's availability
  • Remember, there is a consultation fee
  • Ask for directions to the Attorney's office
  • Maintain all of your receipts from expenses incurred (if applicable to your legal matter)
  • In the case of a personal injury, inform your medical doctor(s) of all related complaints arising from your injuries
  • Follow your doctor(s) orders to ensure a successful recovery
  • Limitation period to make a claim for personal injury is three (3) years
  • In personal injury matters, if one and a half years elapse with no satisfactory response, commence litigation proceedings
  • Have your National ID card in your possession when going to the Supreme Court registry
  • Dress appropriately when going to Court or the Supreme Court registry
  • Always remember the date and time of your court hearing
  • Cooperate with the Attorney and meet your deadlines
  • If for any reason your contact information changes, please notify the Client Care Admin Assistant
  • Consultations via Zoom Meetings are available
Client Care

Corporate Office

Thomas Daniel Suite #1

First Floor

Hinks Street

Bridgetown, St. Michael


Community Office

Breedy's Land

Silver Sands

Christ Church


Tel: (246) 571-9530

Mobile: (246) 245-9167/256-9167



Monday - Thursday

9:00 am to 4:30 pm


Friday - Sunday



By Appointment only

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