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Annual Conferences in relation to Food Law


Changes in the food, beverage and agricultural industries are very dynamic in our global community. At Genesis Law Chambers, its Attorneys keep abreast with these changes and innovations, and stay active in the walls of these industries by attending local, regional and international conferences, seminars and workshops. We invite you to view a list of local and international events for 2023.


International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) 2023

Each year, the International Association for Food Protection hosts an Annual Meeting, providing attendees with information on current and emerging food safety issues, the latest science, innovative solutions to new and recurring problems, and the opportunity to network with thousands of food safety professionals from around the globe. Held in various locations throughout North America, this meeting has grown over the years to become the leading food safety conference worldwide.  IAFP 2023 will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


Institute of Food Technologist  (IFT) Annual Food Expo and Scientific Conference, 2023



IFT FIRST brings together professionals, industry leaders and innovators from around the globe to explore cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions to solve for issues impacting the global food system. Join your colleagues and peers for 3 days of scientific knowledge, business insights, intentional networking and more. The IFT will be hosting their annual conference in Chicago IL, July 16-19, 2023 at the McCormick Place Convention Center.


Please visit their website for more details.


Barbados Food Law and Industry Conference (BFLI) 2023


Food Innovators and Technologists in association with the Industry partners will host the 5th Annual Session of the Barbados Food Law and Industry Conference (BFLI) under the theme “Food Security Beyond The 21st Century." This conference is designed for Regulatory Affairs Professionals, Food Manufacturing Professionals, Quality Assurance Professionals , Food Safety Specialists, Food Security Experts, Research and Development Professionals, Nutrition and Labeling Professionals, Food Scientists, International Organization Members, Food Science Students, Registered Dietitians, Packaging Professionals, Government Officials Legal Professionals, Academic Professionals, Advertising and Marketing Professionals, Policy Makers, Restaurant Professionals, Agricultural Specialists, Cottage Industries, Entrepreneurs in the Food Industries, SME’s, Independent Experts and Distributors from across the Caribbean.  BFLI 2023 will be held in the Gem of the Caribbean. Barbados! from August 3-5, 2023. 

Please visit our website for more details.


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