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Personal Injury
Personal Injury Law focuses mainly on protecting the rights of individuals or families who have been injured. Thus, attorneys who this practice area assists injured persons to obtain compensation for all types of personal injury cases including motor vehicle accidents, and premises liability (inclusive of slip and fall accidents).
Everyday, many persons are injured in various accidents. Unfortunaltely, these accidents occur as a result of the carelessness or malicious intent of others. If you have been injured in an accident, then you may be entitled to recieve compensation for your injuries suffered.
In order to fully secure your legal rights and to ensure that you or your loved ones are taking all the necessary steps in the recovery process, you should consult an Attorney.
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Dr. Mikaelle Bellamy
MBBS and Clinical Director
Dr. Mikaelle Bellamy
MBBS and Clinical Director
Dr. Mikaelle Bellamy is a Barbadian physician who was trained at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Barbados campus. Her 12 years of medical experience spans the countries of Jamaica, Trinidad, and Barbados and includes the disciplines of Public Health, Hematology and Sports Medicine. Her repertoire has also expanded with a special interest in Medicolegal practice and she is the Clinical Director of Belle-Med Inc.

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